Russia’s largest search engine Yandex cooperation with Facebook

Figure Yandex interface for the integration of Facebook dataSina

technology news Beijing time on October 29th morning news, according to foreign media reports, Russia’s largest search engine Yandex on Thursday announced a cooperation agreement with Facebook, the search results in Yandex Facebook data integration.

There are two parts in the

cooperation agreement: first, Facebook will provide the user’s Facebook page update status to Yandex. This is similar to the Facebook and Google reached an agreement in December last year, but still not the scope of cooperation with Facebook and will be the protocol par, will be more able to integrate Facebook data including user Facebook, resume. Yandex said that the Facebook data will be integrated into the blog search.

second, Yandex home page will display Facebook content plug-ins, and Yandex instant messaging tool to provide Facebook dynamic reminder.

this transaction is only related to Russian website, not including the international edition.

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