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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 10th news (November 8), the domestic mobile social applications unfamiliar street to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted IPO application, the proposed financing of $300 million. Prospectus shows, unfamiliar street plans listed on the Nasdaq, stock trading code tentatively MOMO.

unfamiliar street is a location based mobile social products. Unfamiliar Street disclosed in the prospectus, in the second half of 2013 began commercial attempt, when revenue was $3 million 100 thousand in the first half of 2014 revenue of $13 million 900 thousand. Unfamiliar Street current income is mainly divided into three parts, the income of user membership fees, games and other services (including mobile marketing, pay expression), the first half of 2013 membership fee revenue under $2 million 800 thousand in the first half of 2014, membership fee income of $8 million 740 thousand, as of September 30, 2014, the total membership reached 2 million 300 thousand.

unfamiliar street by former NetEase editor Tang Yan founded in 2011, has experienced four rounds of financing since 2012. In April 2012, the main cast Chinese Jingwei street to complete the A round of financing; July 2012, Alibaba, Jingwei Chinese and DST B round of investment unfamiliar street; in March 2013, the three joint investment unfamiliar street C wheel; in May 2014, Sequoia Capital, Yunfeng fund and tiger Global Fund Investment unfamiliar street D round. According to the prospectus, Tang Yan is the largest shareholder of unfamiliar street IPO, the shareholding ratio of 39.8%.

off the use of mobile social tools, unfamiliar street, said the daily amount of information sent to 655 million, equivalent to the daily active users sent daily 26. Of which 63.5% of the chat messages occur between friends who have been concerned about each other.

unfamiliar street will be defined as China’s three largest social network, second only to micro-blog and WeChat. According to industry analysts, WeChat’s latest valuation should be around $70 billion, compared to about 700 million of its users, the value of a single user of about $100. The public information, as of the end of 9 this year, unfamiliar street has a user of 180 million, monthly active users by 60 million 200 thousand. Rough calculation, the value of unfamiliar street single user of about $16.7.

unfamiliar street, said the next step will continue to enhance the ability to commercialize, plans for the regular use of unfamiliar street users can only use some of the new features can be used by members to increase revenue through membership. In addition, will also develop a "loyalty program", according to the different levels of membership provides members with different privileges package and local business cooperation to carry out promotional activities, such as shopping vouchers, movie tickets reward and food vouchers etc..

in fact, until now a lot of people on the street is still a psychological conflict. Many people think the unfamiliar street is a kind of accessory about guns, the subconscious will think of strangers dating is a great friendship between men and women, not pure. Today >

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