look back extortion questioned thanks to CCTV’s free advertising

May 18th news, CCTV weekly quality report program aired today, investigation, I look up, the program exposed the shopping parity software I look behind the problem.


reporter survey including wine, books, household goods and other consumer goods dozens of hundreds of species and found that I look different intentions merchants pay the company, I check the software provided by commodity prices may exist errors.

reported that, I look and there is a mandatory transaction between manufacturers, in violation of the "anti unfair competition law," the second principles of equality and voluntariness, honesty and credit.

for CCTV exposure over the problem of "extortion", I check the company this afternoon issued a solemn statement, and said: "I look back is a commercial platform, facing the social question, the credibility of the enterprise. Thank you for doing a free CCTV advertising, the price exceeds the audited warehouse, no one has the right to make changes without permission."

also said: "I look through the channels to market a malignant Chuanhuo wine or ultra high imitation counterfeit sales at lower prices in the local business, I will check the personnel data acquisition price collected according to the facts and returns the database", suggesting that it touched the interests of distributors for liquor suffered retaliation.

The following is my

to check the contents of the statement:

, I’ll find out who moved the cheese.

I look up is a business platform, facing the social challenges to the credibility of the enterprise. Because some businesses questioned and misunderstanding, even shouting "I look up to make money can not change the price". We thank CCTV for a free advertisement for us. At the same time, we very much welcome the country’s major newspapers, television stations to check my work, field reports, but also a matter of truth!

two, I look at the price come from?

I look at the current more than 300 million commodity bar code data. First, the data collection under the line collection. Two is achieved through business cooperation with suppliers to achieve data docking. And every week there are more than 100 million commodity data changes, large data space coverage, rapid changes in price time. There is no one industry company can be completely accurate price alone is not enough to go upon a, and unfair


three, I questioned why frequently check wine distributors


through the channel into the market a malignant Chuanhuo wine or ultra high imitation counterfeit sales at lower prices in the local business, I will check the data acquisition staff acquisition price and returns the database accurately. Therefore, there may be I look up the price is lower than the local regular dealer purchase price situation. As an open and transparent platform for the third party, I look just to reflect the price of this.

four, I look at the platform is free to change the price?

super price of the audited warehousing, no one has the right to make changes without authorization. If a temporary price adjustment or

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