Young people should accumulate not venture

      recently, someone asked me, "Zhan Peng, let’s start a business. What do you think of my project?" In fact, these people do a good project PPT, and I generally do not answer the question, because the project simply can not see what.

      today, I am here to answer your questions:

      I’m not going to start a business, that is, entrepreneurs will not be the same as my young people, young people need to accumulate, I do not believe that people under the age of 25 what resources can be made into a project. If so, it must be blowing. Of course, big brother Liu Xingliang told me they didn’t know anything about my age. In fact, the age is different, the Internet let me a little earlier than the predecessors to contact the advanced knowledge, but I am not a finished product. There are some of the friends of the IT review circle said that when they debut, there is no such a keen sense of touch. That day, a friend of sina let me think less, pay attention to the body. I said, I do not want to think, it is yourself, left, stop.

      however, I feel that I do not have the ability to start a business, especially the leading business. Here, I would like to say that the business should have what conditions, young people should be how to accumulate the venture capital?

      young entrepreneurs should accumulate behind, look ahead. Here I talk about:

      how to accumulate behind? A young man, and exchange, because they represent your future, and because they are not what star, will support you in the future, provide back-up power in this respect for you; two, if you want to do pioneering work on the Internet, you need to understand the accumulation and Internet related industries such as resources, policy resources, media resources and related cooperation resources; three, if you want to start in a big city, you need to accumulate small city resources, leaving a lot of background posterior to yourself, let you gather behind a powerful channel.

      how to look ahead? First, more exchanges with the predecessors, they know a lot you don’t know the unspoken rule, even if the relationship is not good also never mind, at least not exclude you; two, understand the industry dynamics, absorb new knowledge, understand how previous relevant project operation.

      of course, continue to learn, improve ability, and exercise in practice, are indispensable. This, I will not talk about, and want to start the business should be learning to know.

      finally, citing the Shenzhen tea party IT was the boss of the word "less talk more about the terminal mode". What is the use of the model, the user can not find >

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