Chen Hang audibles WeChat nail hair trick against upgrade launched a free video conference call

news April 27th, following the nail into the Tencent headquarters, advertising enterprise WeChat released after April 26th, Ali nail Strategy Conference held in the spring of 2016 in Hangzhou, nail founder Chen Hang (nickname: no trick) announced the nail in coordination, communication, security level to achieve a comprehensive upgrade. In the field of enterprise services, Tencent and Ali’s positive war, it seems inevitable.

this conference, no trick on the pain point of the opening of WeChat, in his view, WeChat confused personal life and work, resulting in less efficient work. At the same time, the use of Top10 in the provinces and cities in the introduction of the nail, there is no trick is to ridicule, said Shenzhen ranked highest in the forefront of the spike in the use of nails, this is why we put on the Shenzhen subway advertising".


for business communication and collaboration in two aspects of the scene, nail also launched the first major product update in 2016, in which the most interesting video conference call. The video conference call is to upgrade the conference call nail nail, in order to meet the needs of enterprises for the visualization of multiterminal conference system, video conference system 1080P business known as the most stable and clear, but also can realize the remote desktop content zoom. And, the product is now completely free of charge.

while at the collaborative level, nail also said it will launch attendance, approval, intelligent reporting three types of human applications to meet the normal needs of enterprises in their daily work. To sign the attendance for example, typing can achieve clear positioning of different buildings, different floors, and even to the fine details of the optimization of each pixel, the final will be personal location accurate to 10 cm, so that the user can at any time within the scope of work in time; at the same time, the individual can be realized without time attendance function under the condition of internet.

at the same time, the nail on the scene released Ali nail security upgrades. Ali aegis board based support, realize the distributed data storage encryption and third party escrow encryption, and through BSI British Standards Institute ISO27001:2013 certification.

press conference, nail is also the first to open their own open platform status quo, said that more than 150 companies have been in the use of nails. In collaborative tools, nail appears ready to challenge WeChat. The two Internet giants to join, so that the competition in this market, becoming increasingly white.

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