WeChat claims that the daily exposure of nearly 100 million days running water or million

July 21st, WeChat advertising announced in the beta after a week, the daily amount of nearly one hundred million ad impressions.

According to the official definition of

, each ad exposure refers to: the user will subscribe to the number of articles to the bottom, see the bottom text chain as one. WeChat advertising official currently does not disclose the text conversion and click.

during the beta, WeChat ad prices are still in 5 cents to a 100 million yuan, if the exposure is calculated at 1% conversion rate, there are millions of hits, multiplied by a yuan advertising, WeChat ads daily water reached one million yuan, annual advertising water is about 360 million.

This is the WeChat

subscription number not to release the case all potential achievements, there are people familiar with the matter said, at present only part of more than 100 thousand of the subscription subscription number access WeChat ads, WeChat subscription numbers have more than 2/3 without the use of traffic.

, and it is understood that WeChat is also trying to more forms of advertising, and even graphic advertising.

at the same time, WeChat also announced several cases of advertising operations since the beta:

, Unilever, launched during the world cup [Brazil] hit quiz activities, Html5 landing page for the promotion activities of the mobile page, put the target for the promotion of its brand supplies qingyang. The result is: put a week Qingyang brand exposure of more than 30 million, the event page click on more than 340 thousand, more than 250 thousand participants.

Procter & Gamble, through the launch of the WeChat channel, two days to get a click of the rate of more than 6 thousand of the click, and click on the appointment of the conversion of up to $50%. (Wang Congji)

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