Grassroots webmaster common success experience focus on the needs of the user segments

in the circle, their common name is "webmaster".

when the media are focusing on Zhang Zhaoyang and Robin Li, there is a group of "grassroots", they rely on intuition founded some personal website, these people do not have foreign aura, many people even went to university, but they rely on superb web technology and outstanding business acumen, complete the accumulation of wealth, but also not a few.

"black apple" and "graph king", "gJj" and "mumayi", in recent years, "webmaster General Assembly will mention the name". By money, ideas and thoughts like the wind free living conditions…… "Behind the grassroots chic," failure, frustration, there are countless rational return after trial and error.

Li Xingping

rookie website simply can not go beyond

"black apple" is Li Xingping’s name, but he did not name so Hyun, if not his hand under the "" by Baidu for tens of millions of money, he may never appear in the media. "I am now doing a commercial site is a small game, is not very typical of the personal webmaster." Almost no media interview, Li Xingping strongly declined the interview, but heard reporters hit the website development, he cheerfully started off the reel.

public information about Li Xingping, he was born in 1979 in the new Guangdong Po town of Xingning County, parents are local farmers, after graduating from junior high school is home to make a living, 20 years ago the life never out of their home, the most distant place is Shenzhen, which also created his low-key show character.

According to

, Li Xingping returned home to earn a living before entering an Internet bar to work as an Internet cafe administrator. During this time, the site of interest he began pondering the "rookie" Internet users demand.

just learning to surf the Internet can not know so many web sites." Based on the needs of users, the development of history, he began pondering the web site soon, he is well aware of the China ranked in the top 5000 of the site, which he founded hao123 navigation site, to achieve accurate, simple and easy to use.

to around 2003, hao123 site navigation site has occupied more than 50% of Chinese Internet cafes home page, while a series of copy and followers. "There were a lot of VC (venture capital) to come to me before I sold to Baidu, and I didn’t agree." Li Xingping said.

However, due to the long-term

did not find a business model, the future direction of pressure, the final price of about ten million yuan plus shares of Baidu shares sold to Baidu.

sell hao123 let Li Xingping make a fortune, and then start from the personal webmaster to the transformation of the business site, currently operates a game site.



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