Common growth of the fifth meeting of the successful completion of the Shanghai

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presentation Association vice editor in chief   E; Wang


does not have the so-called webmaster, we are the most common members of the grassroots webmaster.

there is no gorgeous soft speech, we use real words to express passion and dream.

is the best practical, we put our own experience and confusion with the exchange of learning.

we grow together – you’re not alone in the fight.


2007 on Saturday September 15th, Shanghai Owners Association (SWP) through the planning and preparing for a month, in support of Chinese E network, fifth party owners as scheduled in Jingan District Museum opened the curtain. A total of more than 130 individual owners and Internet operators to participate in the activities of the company, I am very pleased to be present at the scene of the majority of the party to give affirmation. The party was a great success in passion and popularity.



China E mobile network: Chairman Zhang Jieping


at the beginning of the meeting, the Shanghai webmaster Association sponsor party solemnly announced two major events. First, Shanghai station association regulations (Draft) after the party will be released at the Shanghai station network, which marks the association to gradually standardize operation; second, Shanghai Station Association has invited Wang Chenyun as honorary president, to the further development of the association in the IT industry influence and Resources Assistance network. These two events, for the Shanghai webmaster Association milestone significance.



Shanghai webmaster Association honorary president of life: Wang Chenyun


fifth theme exchange mode, is still Shanghai webmaster Association refining the head of the storm". Shanghai webmaster Association hope that through brainstorming, will set up a division member structure, distribution of interests and functions of the team in the process, the difficulties and obstacles in as much detail as possible to show, the other Internet business team, and still insist on individual combat mode of personal webmaster may have implications — you are not a person in battle.


we use real words to express passion and dream, we put our own experience and confusion with the exchange of discussions, practical, intimate learning. Through this event, so that the majority of owners for the formation of the entrepreneurial team, how to solve the difficulties encountered by the network and fully understand their own understanding of human nature and other issues have a more profound understanding.



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