The development of the four big webmaster on personal website

Six the value of

Alibaba’s concept of a "embrace change, to figure the king’s share, I want to embrace change is agree without prior without previous consultation to survive development, this is also the same in the ever-changing Internet industry survival and development of the fundamental way, that in the end how to survive in changes in survival and development?? what is the core competitiveness of individual website? And more problems in the forum the next step we will discuss! Today we have invited four guests, some of them are in the Midwest has done a good job of the individual owners, some are grown from individual owners to have their own company dozens of people team. There are some guests from outside to Wuhan, let us know about four guests


Guang Jie Guo Guo –

he worked as a fitter, put off stall, in order to have their own website and the police were asked to drink coffee two times…… He had many stories in the webmaster; he has not received higher education, he is out and out "grassroots", his personal website, success among the national traffic 500 in just three years time will be able to! Now, but he is willing to give up this once brought him out of the big revenue website, do his retreat fast allusion net more than a year – a most people think that there is no profit pattern language tool website.

Chen Yiguang –


was born in Hanchuan in 1997 to enter the farm, Hubei Academy of fine arts, majoring in oil painting. During the internship, he worked in an Internet cafe to do network management, since then never left the network. A few years ago, he was a Shenzhen company’s management, with a monthly salary of 2500 yuan; a few years later, his name is Chen Yizhou, and Chen Tianqiao, Lei Jun, aged IT industry "expert" appeared together. This was just want to earn enough money to return to Wuhan to buy a house, the young man with a dream to return to Shenzhen from Wuhan. "2005 Wuhan information industry development white paper" revealed "- doodle net profit has more than 20 million yuan in 2004, is the Wuhan star enterprise IT. At least the Internet in Hubei, he created a staggering wealth myth! "Let us applause please Mr. Chen Yiguang, chairman of Hubei Dudu Network Technology Co. ltd..

pig eight quit Zhu Mingyue –

journey to the West in the lazy pig image has been completely changed in the Web2.0 era, his fat dress is a symbol of wealth, has become a weapon in the west mining tools of wisdom and wealth. Change pig eight quit is a senior media people. From a county fangniugui, strive to be the chief correspondent for "Chongqing Evening News", and once abandon efforts to get things, give up on the news of the ideal, then bare-handed to start, I believe most people will not do. On the road he chose to work with the pig eight quit as partners, but with wisdom to build China’s largest creative market for more people to provide a wealth of wisdom and trading platform. The idea of thinking with a head changed him and many

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