WeChat 5 will be swept from the media content will sharply decline

WeChat began to spread from the media in a short period of time, since the original media is increasingly diluted in the proportion, many so-called self media account just copying the contents of others, resulting in the public account open rates continued to decline.

a number of well-known since the opening of the media began at around 50%, and then dropped to 20 percent. WeChat 5 on the line, since the media will be more sad days, I think there is no way to play down." Operating from the media account of the new media observers Wei Wu Feng told the IT Times reporter confided.

open rate will continue to fall

measured in the WeChat 5 is believed to have caused a media overturning. In the past, the contents of the contents of the media push to chat with WeChat on the same page, often a large number of subscriptions are displayed red unread digital status. Now, WeChat is no longer willing to push content influence the user experience for this strong disturb, allegedly in 5, the user number public subscription to the unified management of two pages in the main interface, this chat will be more clean. At the same time limit the enterprise class public accounts every month to push a message, and since the media class can only push a message.

"in this case, the opening rate of the media will no doubt once again serious decline." Wei Wu said that when the user can not see the red pages in the first page of the update tips, only a very strong desire to read, will take the initiative to go to the two page search from the media update.

, to tell the truth, in the past, some of the open rate is in fact strong to disturb the contributed, only to allow WeChat to reach higher than micro-blog from the media." Business class famous people from the media Gong Wenxiang told reporters: "the red mark unread at me it’s always there, uncomfortable, many people will click, it opened as the real rate, to read the article a few people, not for sure. But this is hidden to the two page, do not click does not have an impact, since the value of the media is clearly affected." Gong Wenxiang said.

advertising plan aborted

WeChat 5 brings this pattern, but also deepen the "do not put all the energy on the WeChat," such a cognitive. WeChat again adjustment, tighten policy, made so many so-called advertising and marketing plans of public accounts currently produce marketing value be caught off guard, since the media is no exception.

I believe the resignation from the media, and most of the body and mind into some of the people will be greatly affected WeChat." A person from the media, told reporters that the current large number of media from the advertising promotion plan will not be as expected.

A person with

ANYV platform for the promotion of public accounts also said: "before we do not dare to accept the WeChat public account of the advertising business, but the public account recommendation service for advertising marketing by WeChat policy too much influence."

from the media who confirmed to reporters, their advertising

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