Dear admin ‘m sorry

      I was a school student. A chance to find a love called QQ forum. My contribution in there, but I always covet vanity. Some unreasonable conditions to the webmaster, I actually do not, but I want to return it a lot. I slowly became a moderator, I become the richest person in forum. I have the most medals. But then I slowly not to assist the development of admin love QQ as a responsibility, I have no point. I can’t post the mother. I can command others. I started EFFORTSIN the vexatious. I am too ignorant. I was a cultural rascal. I feel ashamed in here. Why should I do this to admin. privately he gave me QQ. I am so greedy. I shame I finally also called admin. also use a number of others to seal the other member of the Forum ID.

      all the vexatious also for self defeating. I regret it now, but because of admin’s generosity. He asked me to write a small article about it. I was so touched. He really is too generous. Like me vexatious he kill me not Jiehen. But he did not. He just said to me, send an article to explain the situation. Call me back when I moderators. I really don’t know what language to express my thoughts.

      here I love to all QQ members of the forum to say sorry, sorry to say ten thousand admin. Is your generosity will call me some reason. I’m very sorry. I will do after the establishment to help you create a more perfect love QQ forum.

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