Good health doctor five hundred million financing of nternet access into the era of heavy assets

with the Internet Financial tide receded, the field of medical Internet began to ready to. Recently, China Ping An’s O2O health care service platform, a good doctor Ping announced a $500 million A round of financing, refresh the financing record of the domestic Internet Medical field. After the round of financing, a good doctor safe valuation reached $3 billion, becoming the latest rise in the field of mobile medical giant.

since the beginning of 2012, the field of internet medical and it has presented a pack and play the potential of Tencent shares through "doctor" and "the doctor" interrogation O2O platform to develop the online medical domain; Alibaba will be incorporated into the Ali Tmall medical health, continuous integration in the hands of the line of medical resources, to "Baidu medical service" platform Robin Li in large areas of the health industry layout is a size, coupled with the rise of rain doctors, good doctor online and many other mobile health startups, internet medical capital market by a round of pursuit.

but even led by BAT, the capital market to promote, so far, the Internet is still in the exploratory stage of health care. Almost at peace good doctor announced the successful A round of financing at the same time, another domestic Internet company "awesome medical medicine" is facing financial difficulties, was suspended. Ping doctor and how this drama staged internet medical


heavy assets open: snatch upstream doctor resources

in fact, in recent years the rapid development of medical Internet, from "home delivery drug", "online doctor"; from "online appointment registration" to "chronic disease management", all kinds of medical services emerge in an endless stream around the internet. But whether it is home delivery or online appointment registration, have been questioned the lack of medical foundation.

indeed, the first to hit the door one hour to send medicine medicine enterprise "awesome, in late May was suspended, although only a day after the company said again to recover, but the financial pressure has been remarkable.

someone resign homecoming, one night rush hall. Almost at the same time, a good doctor announced the completion of $500 million A round of financing. According to Ping said that this round of financing is the single largest internet medical financing start-ups has gained, investors including well-known overseas equity investment fund, five hundred large central enterprises, state-owned financial enterprises and large Internet Co, the amount of financing has been to. After the completion of the financing, a good doctor safe valuation of $3 billion, becoming the largest innovation in the field of internet medical companies.

good doctor can get this up to $500 million A round of financing, reflecting the market for a good business model and the doctor’s good faith and confidence in the team." Ping An Group spokesman Sheng Ruisheng said.

compared to the rain doctors, registered net, good doctor, lilac circle rival, in April 2015 officially launched the "green doctor" in the field of medical Internet can only be considered a successor. But backed by Ping An group of this tree, in the past year, a good increase in the size of a good doctor

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