Ali’s mother’s user experience three Advertising

      the last said to buy the advertising part of the user experience, today to talk about the advertising part of it!

      first, click into the advertising page, the eye is still the big advertising video, ha ha! I can’t get over it! In fact, it does not affect the size of the page on this page, so it is no problem to keep it. However, the placement of advertising, function buttons, there are still some problems:

      1, what is the purpose of this page? Advertising? So what is the main function of this page? It should be the following to create a user – publish web site – Advertising – view revenue – immediately start this series of main functions, then why not put them on the top? Of course, I also see that you have written a word to sell now, and clever use of arrows to indicate the direction of this practice is very good. But the most important thing about usability is not to think about it! Page to do at a glance, open the page I know this page is to do? What can I do? And do not let the user to read the text, and then think, understand and then go to the operation, the process may be 0.01 seconds, if we can not allow users to waste this 0.01 seconds is not better? The user experience is sometimes to save the 0.01 seconds or reduce a click. Ali mother’s home page to do this aspect is very good.

      suggestion: put the function button on the advertisement, can be more clear expression.

      2, of course, not only to solve the problem in the navigation button above, there is a very important problem in buying advertising page, advertising video below and around the market choose to buy -… Now go to these looks can click on the button is one (in fact can not click), and video ads and below the navigation button this page which is separated in two parts, and the button is clickable. There is a certain distinction between the two.

      suggestions: put this line of navigation on the above, after taking the appropriate interval, and then put the ad video.

      3, to create a user – Website – advertising revenue – view this row navigation button, you use a directed graph, clearly tell you a specific process of selling advertising, this is very good! Just start immediately behind this is not in this process? It is not to look after the income to do, but the first to click on the object, so it is easy to mislead!


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