51 team Kaba Yang horse users need not worry about false website

is part of 51 user response 51 "horse" incident, Xiao Bian contacted the 51 young people responsible for the team, to further understand at this time, Yang team to give the reply as follows:

Yang team: Kabasiji and 51.la code false positives, are contacting Kaba to solve, please do not panic, the code itself does not have any problems, not black. Kaba’s irresponsible false alarm (the fourth time) was a protest.

has confirmed that it is a false alarm, and has now found the law of reporting:

1, like the first reported poison, only reports 100W ID later (that is, the code is completely normal)

2, the only way to report pictures

we have found a way to deal with, in the process, emergency treatment will be completed within an hour.

we are also in contact with the kappa consultation to resolve this false alarm event.

if the user is more urgent, in the background you can easily change the icon style, and then change it back, so that the JS JS format reborn, we have made adjustments, personally feel that no change, our processing time will soon

              51, as one of the best domestic statistical site, I believe will be able to properly handle the false alarm event.

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