Analysis of network marketing strategy in cosmetics industry

the new situation of economic development has brought new marketing rules, 21 is the era of network marketing, the marketing of this new concept is dominated by a large number of outstanding traditional enterprise to the network marketing, one of the most representative is the "100". Pehchaolin is a country name brand, through active exploration on network marketing in recent years, gradually from a decline of the old brand become the hottest brand cosmetics industry. Of course, with "" "grass collection" and other emerging cosmetic brands as the representative of the emerging brands also use network marketing to achieve corner overtaking, gradually rise in the cosmetics industry.

China’s cosmetics industry has always been known as the "sunrise industry", has a broad market space, while the competition is unprecedented fierce. With the popularization of the Internet, an unprecedented economic revolution in the network is quietly changing the competitive landscape. Network marketing is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for many cosmetic brands. What is the brand to achieve gorgeous transformation using the network channel construction, or be eliminated in the era of information technology in the annihilation shop? Is a cosmetics brand must be thinking of problem.

first, the cosmetics network marketing status quo

cosmetics network marketing is the integration of traditional cosmetics sales channels and network sales channels. For the network market, after the rise of the Internet, a new marketing approach, and the network sales channels for cosmetics is still a new field, we need to continue to explore. Although China’s cosmetics market has made considerable progress in recent years, its capital strength, industrial organization, sales model compared with the developed countries in the world, there is still a small gap. Most cosmetic companies are in the last 30 years before the gradual development of the weak foundation of the industry is the root cause of cosmetics network sales is not perfect.

two, cosmetics online marketing problems

China’s cosmetics sales network although prospects, but implementation still faces many difficulties and specific practical operation in the process of adjustment. The whole network marketing practice there are still some problems can not be ignored. Mainly in the following aspects:

1, the market environment to be improved

cosmetics is synonymous with fashion, with small size, high value, easy to order. The cosmetics online mall and Taobao cosmetics sales network channel two main positions, the main consumer groups or by young people aged 18~30, from the national consumption and mass consumption, there are a lot of distance. In order to truly popularize the network marketing, we must cultivate the audience’s consumption concept and consumption habits, the more consumer groups into the scope of network marketing. Therefore, the market environment of cosmetics online marketing needs to be further explored and improved.

2, fake and shoddy products flooding

in cosmetics network marketing, although the vast majority of enterprises and brands are able to operate in good faith principle, but because of the characteristics of the network itself, the lack of supervision, but also

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