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in October is a harvest season, in this season, we harvest their cultured fruit every little bit of sweat. However, in 2013 this one in October, for the majority of the Taobao railway station is a long black October. Because they are the fruits of hard work are the mom with a charge off to unwarranted. This is also true of "xiemoshalv" this idiom. Perhaps Taobao began to decline after the long railway station.

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in October 15th this year, when the majority of Taobao station long have a busy day, return to Ali background, they found that they had received a message: "Ali push over the pro, because you are in the process of promoting the existence of Taobao passenger traffic hijacking (44), will be punished, the punishment of income effect for the 2013-10-20, to freeze the account and punishment of the re registration date is 2013-11-15." (as shown below).


for the Taobao station long people, they were shocked and surprised, why they will buckle traffic hijacking shit. Because Ali customer service time for civil servants, so many webmasters have spent a sleepless night.

the next day, the webmaster was relieved, the reason is encountered this problem and not alone, many owners have encountered the same situation. We began to speculate whether it is because of Ali’s system problems. We also believe that this is a system error, so these through the formal channels to promote the owners began in accordance with the steps of Ali step by step appeal. First, Ali said to be five days after the start of the audit, the audit period is fifteen days, which have been used to count before and after about a month, this time efficiency is the efficiency of the government. When the fifteen working days to reach the end, the bad news is coming, the almost one hundred percent was rejected, that funds will be frozen, the account will be closed. On the evening of 14 this month, and a batch of frozen funds, closed account appeared. The alliance forum is like a frying pan again.


why Ali to freeze formal promotion of user Commission and the closed account, it really is xiemoshalv.

for the Taobao station long, they may for Ali buckle yourself this "traffic hijacking" shit is not very well. I find the relevant explanation in the official: "Hello, traffic hijacking refers to the part of your flow into your own, such as: normal user access to Taobao, forced flow so let buyers visit your promotional links, other passengers hijacked Taobao." When Taobao station long inquiry Ali where "traffic hijacking", Ali responded, "the core secrets, No comment". Indirect is to tell the majority of Taobao station long: "I am emperor, you’re breaking up, damn you, you do not know.

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