Talk about the way to get rich

I and my wife is 13 years married in January 4th, I work in a Internet Co, my wife do accounting in a company, married is supposed to be a happy life together, but there is still a little bit of life is not harmonious.

cause of disharmony is my daughter-in-law unit old colleague always bullies like my wife’s new, angrily, I let my wife quit her job, at new year.

over the years, daughter-in-law always want to go out looking for work, I am afraid there are things you let daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law talk, let his wife opened a Taobao shop.

I was engaged in the Internet industry, the company also has a Taobao related business consulting professional colleagues, colleagues say Taobao, just opened shop no credit business basically no business, it is better to buy a shop.

I in the online search, a lot of online trading platform, I saw A5 shop also has a trading platform (, to go around, do the Internet are more familiar to A5, so later on in the A5 set a 4 Diamond shop, so my wife to get rich the road begins.

first, I and his wife to supply set down, looking for my father’s chamber of Commerce friends take snack goods directly from the factory delivery type, then the baby, add a description, I let a friend help do SEO optimization, then open the WeChat public platform, the downtown office building this shop issued, preparatory work is done, then close to a month’s time.

effect? Pay a total return, from no order every day, to more than a day to more than a single single day, now buy shop for nearly 3 months, has returned to this, the daily turnover remained at close to two thousand.

this is my wife’s way to get rich, my daughter-in-law nothing to say, if I did not let her resign, she estimated that many years later can not earn so much money.

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