The unicorn revelation business valuation of 1 billion or die

news app Flipboard download in November 11, 2011 is not high, especially in china.

but Chuck is an accident, if not bored to the extreme, the student must choose not to consume in the library for a whole day, certainly not toss about iPad play a times, and found that the popular application of Flipboard in the Store App recommendation.

"read a news application, is not limited to a media, classification is very clear, you can easily follow the interest has been read." So chuck recalled the "meet the beginning".

has also reach the peak of perfection


2011, to start the application of news aggregation Flipboard and released just over a year of iPad, is becoming a popular global logo. It firmly grasped the need for people to use iPad to read the news, App Store in the killer application, and even boarded the top App.

in the course of the past 5 years of development, the pattern of Flipboard little change, is still in accordance with the original news aggregation and social ideas in the walk, and in accordance with the classification of users to recommend news. In addition to the user, it also won the favor of the Silicon Valley venture capital, venture capital institutions, including Kai Penghua Ying "godfather of Silicon Valley" said Google angel investor Ron Conway, and Twitter and Square co-founder Jack Dorsey, the well-known VC has invested nearly $160 million, up $800 million valuation.

, however, this valuation in September 2013 after 2 years and no new changes. This is even more surprising is that more than one company executives have chosen to leave. Co founder Evan – Dole, Geoff – CFO Macoun Buss, CTO Eric, chief revenue officer Feng Kom – dragon, and the product owner Eugene Wei et al and unwilling to wait until IPO bells and then leave, even could not to be acquired at that moment.

previously, Flipboard did consider selling, but in Twitter and ogle a few months later, publicly announced the sale of failure. Why not sell Flipboard, circulating within the industry is the price can not agree, especially expressed concern about the Twitter aspects of Flipboard’s revenue growth, also expressed concern about the "Wall Street journal", which last month issued a document specifically called Flipboard, last year’s revenue amounted to only $20 million, far less than $80 million the internal target.

however, for fear of the outside world, founder and CEO Mike – Hill Hill said: "everything is ok." And that the 5 year old business executive turnover is not unusual, the target of US $80 million is out of thin air, after all.

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