From the burn showmanship to the service to begin to fight the user experience takeaway O2O

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Li Duo, Xiao Peng) takeaway O2O market began to push rough, fight subsidies and other extensive competition, enter the fight to the user experience stage. Beijing Daily reporter yesterday found that although the takeaway platform continues to burn, but the overall strategy is to improve, to experience the transition from burn showmanship to focus on service, the current distribution of Librarians’ quality, distribution equipment and user feedback are improved.

the end of the first phase of the burn wars, takeaway O2O market tends to be stable. Beijing Daily reporter observed that the "Rider takeaway takeaway platform than in the past has been greatly improved, uniform, thermal insulation box, an electric car is standard equipment on the rider’s takeaway delivery personnel; problems in the delivery process, also began to contact with the user, to ensure that the user experience; in addition, the platform also began to offer more takeaway additional services.

takeaway platform loyal users Liu witnessed the development process takeaway platform. At the beginning of the establishment of the platform and take out only the surrounding catering aggregation platform, last year received substantial financing platform takeaway began after much expansion, rapid accumulation of users by way of subsidies, but the quality of service can not keep up with the growth rate of users, after the order is inexplicable problem single, slow delivery occurred frequently.

recent meal made Liu impression on the platform has changed, "single shortly after the platform will call me to confirm the order and send delivery personnel information, delivery speed is a lot faster. After the meal is delivered, the delivery staff will even ask me if I need to take out the trash".

wave burn war last year has developed a user through takeaway takeaway platform consumption habits. 2015 China takeaway O2O industry development report shows that last year, 46.9% of China’s Internet users have been used to take away, I sold the scale of foreign O2O market is close to $10 billion, but nearly 5.9% penetration, there is still room for greater development.

Analysis of

from North Commercial Research Institute believes that the advantages and disadvantages of takeaway platform from businesses, distribution, feedback and additional services in four dimensions to consider. In the early stages of the competition, takeaway platform needs to rely on subsidies to seize the market, subsidies, the number of businesses is the main criteria for consumers to choose takeaway platform. But when the market scale, burn excessive will affect profits, businesses and consumers will be mixed with the "low-end" label.

Beijing Business Daily reporter survey found that the majority of students still choose cheap third party takeaway, while the market potential of white-collar workers, family and other consumer groups tend to chain fast food. There are white-collar consumers to Beijing Business Daily reporter, said the first choice for the selection criteria for food quality, followed by the price and delivery speed. In the industry view, although the price discount is still able to impress consumers, but consumers have become an important factor in the choice of takeaway service platform.

to ensure that the user experience has become the focus of the takeaway platform. In the hungry, the relevant person in charge, takeaway platform has entered the era of the past 1 times by the times, enterprises > 2

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