Talking about the marketing skills on the platform

know almost up to now has been a kind of let the high-end propaganda exchange platform, there are more and more people want to know marketing, operations planning is also known to almost constantly, the commercial activities carried out gradually in the page, but also micro-blog and WeChat do not know almost the same, such as knowledge it will still prohibit organizations and institutions registered account for personal account registration, perhaps it is known that some restrictions to this platform style kept relatively high, because the business of less things, really dry cargo naturally more. In the know almost platform marketing can not be like micro-blog WeChat put on the clothes stand naked stance, but should master some skills, in order to avoid not adapt to this platform and was marketing setbacks.

first, the use of emotional topics in the know almost on marketing. Why emotional conversations will be suitable in the know marketing? Because the hot topic almost known, are often not what the law, this time it is necessary to find a more suitable for the public topic, this topic basically everyone has something to say, plus the know only dry cargo will show its excellent quality, then the "emotional" aspects of the topic are professionals and non professionals are willing to discuss, even those people as dinner conversation programmers technology house, can be made in the argumentative topic of emotion. For example, you are in the promotion of a product, this product helps to promote emotional growth, or is a controversial product, may lead to double heated discussion, or in the relationship between parents and children close, no matter what the field, there are personal the topic of this type of experience, is generally not too popular, for marketing is a good topic.

secondly, the use of entrepreneurial heat in the know almost on marketing. Know almost a relatively high-end platform, which also has more users are working in a number of technology start-ups, so you can know the platform on the use of entrepreneurship to marketing their own topic. For example, you can publish an article about his entrepreneurial experience in the know, the entrepreneurial process are written with sour, sweet, bitter, hot, because each of us have some rich feelings story, and these stories are generally true, in the know is also popular, and this type of articles don’t worry about not material to write, a write is often a long article, write this kind of article can venture to promote their products stately, because this is my own experiences, like to write the log, as long as the apparent violation of the authenticity, or has spread some of the.

third, in the know almost on the copyright issue of marketing. Know on the platform are some of the higher educational level of the population, these people tend to pay more attention to the treatment of copyright, so to know on the platform to do marketing, copyright issues must be taken seriously. You ask every question or answer, if is a reference to others, then points out the need to cite the source, including some video, pictures, terminology as much as possible detailed annotation, is a reference to the site of the internal need to answer the person sends.

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