Google announced today AdWords officially launched in China

Google announced a new

in August 13th officially launched in China. Google AdWords was born in 2000, is a new marketing model, because of its precise effect, high cost performance, simple and flexible operation mode, so that it can quickly promote and popularize in the world. Google AdWords compared to the past, in the interface of navigation, chart effect, forecast price and other new tools, search advertising analysis and other aspects of the improvement.



Google global vice president Dr. Liu Yun

Google Vice President Dr. Liu Yun said that due to improvement of China economic situation and enterprise revenue situation, Google market has become more and more confident of China, Google Adwords release is based on the above reasons. Dr. Liu Yun also said that the Google AdWords will significantly reduce the threshold of search marketing, so that enterprises can further explore and analyze the user’s network behavior, identify the starting point of marketing.

in answer to a reporter about this time Google launched Google Adwords is associated with the Baidu phoenix nest, Dr. Liu Yun said, Google R & D only care about their own products and technology, other companies do not comment on the product, but the Google Adwords also experienced a certain stage of the test preparation. In response to Google to Microsoft and YAHOO search and advertising agreement this event, Dr. Liu Yun said, Google has always focused on innovation and technology, one of the development needs of industry competition, Google open to competition.

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