Refute KESO Ma will not let Sina micro blog into a large beautiful said


Alibaba investment Sina, KESO sina will be worried about micro-blog will become a large beautiful said.

I think this is simply wrong view.

so far, Ma Yun’s e-commerce Empire layout almost perfect.

Taobao + Tmall + Alipay + Amoy = perfect.

if there is a defect, what is it?

that is not big enough to have weak moat, the moat of the


weak place is traffic entrance moat.

This is the most

Ma now needs to be considered, the weakness of the moat flow entrance.

traffic giant Baidu, Ma did not put in the eye.

traffic entrance, Ma is the most worried about the enemy Tencent.


can catch up from behind at least at the center of Tencent in other areas, but in e-commerce, he also failed to pose a threat to the ma. This makes people feel like a huge traffic entrance Tencent to the electronic commerce can’t help what.


but, in the long run, Tencent traffic entrance, for Ma, is a hidden threat, is most likely the weak link is the bottleneck on the moat of Ma, Ma to further expand the empire.

Tencent is China’s largest traffic entrance.

Ma Yun is now worried about not Jingdong, do not worry Suning, do not worry about Amazon, do not worry about WAL-MART.

he’s worried about Tencent.

and China’s Internet today, may be a little bit of a little resistance to the Tencent Empire, only Sina micro-blog.

so Ma investment Sina micro-blog, is a single choice questions.

this is the only reason he invested Sina micro-blog.

KESO think Ma investment Sina micro-blog, Sina micro-blog will become a large beautiful said.

this is simply like a woman at her barking – groundless statement.

Sina micro-blog into a large beautiful, that is to reduce the pattern of sina micro-blog.

Ma Yun’s vision is not so narrow.

regardless of how to help Tencent QQ, online shopping easy fast network, QQ also has not become a business QQ? QQ space will not become a business blog


Ma Yun is not a fool.

if the Sina micro-blog become the queen of beauty, the equivalent of suicide.

Ma Yun, of course, know what the essence of sina micro-blog

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