Robin Li issued in 2017 internal letter Baidu in the new year to do where to go

user experience is not good, it is very dangerous.


2016, Baidu does have a lot of bad. But recently, Baidu has been trying to change this, surely we already feel the sincerity. What is Baidu going to do and where to go in the new year, Robin Li answered in an internal letter.

days ago, Robin Li sent a letter of "new age" internal letter within Baidu, from the content distribution, connection service, financial innovation, artificial intelligence, these four aspects are discussed in detail.

first, this is a new era of content distribution. Robin Li believes that, in essence, Baidu, the core thing is still in the distribution of content. Content distribution environment has been changing, from the text to the image and then to today’s video, especially the current fire short video. He believes that a new way of thinking to keep up with the new age is to be sensitive to new things, especially those that affect you.

although Baidu has a certain foundation in content distribution, such as Wikipedia, etc.. But in Robin Li’s view, in the social media and from the media in this environment, a lot of time people are talking about feelings, more want to spread what they want to believe, the fact is what is not important. For Baidu search companies such as, quite challenging. In the future, Baidu will be more from the data, knowledge mapping and feed flow products force.

second, this is a new era of connected services. The next ten to fifteen years, China will usher in a major upgrade of consumption, which makes the way the Internet has undergone a qualitative change in the quality of services, fees and other products and services compared to the previous free may be more attractive.

Robin Li think, as long as you do a good job, the user is willing to pay for you, virtual things, service content, content of things, users are willing to pay. So in our definition, the so-called connection service, as long as it is not a pure virtual content, as long as it contains payment behavior, including Online to Offline connection and so on, we all think that these services. This is also a new topic for us."

third, this is a new era of financial innovation. Internet banking from the beginning of the 1 scene of finance, to the technical finance of the 2, to the 3, which is the so-called model innovation. Robin Li believes that this is the basic thing to touch the industry. For a long period of time in the future, is a new era of financial innovation. In this regard, FSG has done a lot, such as its B2B2C model.

fourth, this is a new era of artificial intelligence. Robin Li believes that in the context of this era, there are many opportunities for development. First, the combination of hardware and software. Such as Amazon’s echo, unmanned vehicles, etc.. Two is the industry movement. Artificial intelligence will change every industry. For every industry

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