Cai Wensheng on how to online Nuggets Seminar

Cai Wensheng is full of rivers and lakes, had heard. Report on the computer on a Lenovo FM365 between him and the pains and sorrows, have left a deep impression on me, the first time know that there are people in the play so domain name. A little attention after the meeting that he is not the material, but Cai Wensheng "domain name king" incredibly profound in mind, so that he covered the other light, I don’t even know what he has done 265 navigation station and ZCOM electronic magazine. And never thought will have the chance to listen to him on the Internet analysis and opinion, plain as I am, of course, as cheerful as a lark shows between the lines.

I was surprised to see

, imagine doing similar domain name investment, stock speculation and other business people this is shrewd and bloodthirsty, looks like they will probably be shot as fierce, and wit and language to the front. Did not expect to stand in front of the people who think and be quite different: tall, elegant, with a calm face, smile is even a bit shy, with a heavy southern accent Mandarin had expressed their views.

nearly two hours of lectures, Cai Wensheng spent nearly an hour to talk about his early domain name experience. In this one hour, the Internet early confusing and grassroots wisdom cunning to show in front of us. In the domain name, Cai Wensheng’s devotion to the Internet and the extreme pragmatism made him stand out from the tens of thousands of domain names. He said that before making the domain name investment, he will be on the hao123 navigation station close to 30 thousand sites a survey, who did it? How much traffic? Domain names have any rules? These surveys provide a solid foundation for his selective investment. It is also the first understanding of the network and research, so that he has a more profound understanding of the Internet on the personal website, the network alliance. In 2004, when the Internet was low in the past, many people are in a time when speculation on the concept to attract floating over Zhongguancun dollars, but he turned to do a technical content is not high, others disdain called 265 site navigation, before long, 265 was born, from the hands of the HAO123 grab as solid as rocks come close to half of the market share. These experiences have been reported in the media, but heard, but still very shocking, especially on the Internet that he put aside the frivolous impetuous and extreme pragmatic spirit, let a person be convinced.

Cai Wensheng raised the question is always so sharp and fundamental, after talking about half, he asked us, what is the Internet? The Internet seems confused, but each of us specific people and users, how the meaning of the Internet? In a consistent tone word "to" ask the answer after he gave his answer: "the Internet is a tool to increase the knowledge of the thickness, you may not have the network can make up for a decade, the lack of knowledge." Indeed, in this era, I really a man of great talent talents has lost its original meaning, a small Baidu know, he knows all China things, he knows the foreign.

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