From open source to open Discuz NT 2 6 officially released

January 15, 2009, the domestic well-known community platform and service providers to create new Comsenz officially released, Discuz! NT 2.6, launched an open API interface and cross language.


Discuz! From birth to date, each version has innovation, has been the focus of the application of Microsoft ASP.NET platform NT. Facing the new trend of network community open development, the product development team lasted for half a year, through unremitting efforts, the latest Discuz! NT 2.6, carefully build a open community platform for a more mature, safe and stable solution.

from open source to open, Discuz! NT 2.6 is not just a simple function of the upgrade, more importantly, the application of innovative ideas. Discuz! NT 2.6 into a new community product development philosophy, the introduction of an open API interface. The use of API can be integrated in the process of calling user information, forums, posts and other content to develop highly integrated with the application forum.

Discuz! NT as Comsenz effort to build a community software product, in support of the environment and the expansion of innovative performance. Discuz! NT 2.6 open design concept, supported by a large number of third party products ASP.NET developers. The new version of the professional open API applications, so Discuz! NT once again become the focus of attention of the majority of owners.

Discuz! NT 2.6 main features:

1 open API interface, so that more in-depth integration of functions;

2 personalized URL and SEO settings, so that community applications more friendly;

3 annex bulk upload and annex transactions, so that the community is more convenient operation;

4 spam multiple defense mechanisms to make community management easier;

5 efficient template mechanism, so that the application of higher efficiency;

6 automatic upgrade of the background, the fastest time to install the latest patch;

7 main page query optimization, speed and load capacity greatly improved;

8 polymerization home page, so that the performance of the network community more exciting.

inherits the advantages of traditional community based Comsenz products, Discuz! NT fully tap the Microsoft ASP.NET platform is a professional advantage, a wide range of application of professional community website, become the platform of ASP.NET community platform solutions industry benchmark. Currently, Discuz! NT has become the most popular and widely used online community software on Microsoft ASP.NET platform.


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