Shop management approach to the most concerned about the issue of taxes and fees

recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a "network behavior of commodity trading and related services management Interim Measures (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), and began to solicit opinions from the public on April 2nd, which marks the first network in China to standardized management finally surfaced in time and again.

but many shop owners have a lot of worry about this, they worry that the next step after the implementation of the measures will be levied on online shopping. In this regard, Taobao pr manager Yan Qiao said, at present, Taobao does not exist such a problem."

SAIC: to promote the development of network economy

Festival, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "measures" of the draft, the "measures" a total of 6 chapters 44, including online trading platform to provide standardized, site supervision duty, how to. The provisions of the measures mentioned in the individual shop, should be provided to the operator of the network trading platform for the application, submit their names and addresses and other real identity information".

"approach" does not force the operator of the individual shop to the industrial and commercial departments to register, "approach" that has the conditions of registration, apply for registration of industrial and commercial registration".

the most fundamental purpose of this approach is to regulate online transactions and services, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the network economy." State Administration for Industry and Commerce relevant departments in charge of the "measures" introduced in an interview with the media said.

analysts: the way to refine the

"on the existing online shopping resources supervision, indicating that the relevant regulatory authorities have been trying to regulate the growing market." Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send out "from the long-term development of the industry point of view, the emergence of regulatory measures conducive to the healthy growth of the industry more standardized."

but also to tell the old life, on the way, the General Administration of industry and commerce is now more reference to the original rules of the retail line, although the Internet has been a certain degree of integration, but the results need to be tested.

analysts pointed out that the approach is not perfect, because of its lack of practical operation. For example, with the registration requirements, according to the law for industrial and commercial registration, which referred to the ‘registration conditions’ to be defined on the need to have a detailed program introduced."

shop owner: worried about tax issues

but the way and did not get the unanimous consent of the shop owner, they are worried about the issue of online shopping tax payment will be the implementation of the program into the agenda.

"approach" provides that the seller to submit its name and address, such as the true identity information, with the registration requirements, according to the law for industrial and commercial registration".

Taobao shop owner Wang said: once the registration of the shop >

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