Google headquarters in China besieged city the situation tense

DoNews3 23 June 2007 (zhouran Google China headquarters) the afternoon of March 23rd, a team of black people in a hurry to depart into the Google Chinese headquarters, a large number of reporters behind the building security was stopped at the door.


Google headquarters outside


someone onlookers and photographed


Google headquarters closed door


was the crowd waiting for the



is unknown.



is located in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park in Wudaokou Google headquarters in China once again become the focus of public opinion. According to security, since the beginning of the afternoon of 22, there will be a large crowd gathered around the building. 23 at noon, and a pair of men and women once again staged a scene. ".


according to the crowd, a lot of people in the crowd is holding a press card reporter. "From the microphone logo, including the United Kingdom and the United States, Germany, and the media in Taiwan area".

according to sources, Google China may release of the latest news in the afternoon, so until 14, although some journalists have been very tired, but still sitting in front of the building on the bed waiting for new results.

Google "curtain disappear" building "siege"


including Google canteen closed curtains, including


according to the reporter observed, due to the crowd, a large number of photos, including all the offices of the Google building, including the canteen are closed curtains to block the line of sight.

according to the presence of the masses, Google employees rarely go out today. Occasionally there are special circumstances, the staff, the reporter walked out of the door will be surrounded by interviews, but were silent refused to be interviewed. An employee was even reporters staring at a nearby bank, and the whole process of monitoring its withdrawals.

is currently not only to reduce the internal staff to go out, but also limits the external staff into. Reporter observed a courier company staff in the delivery of the parcel, the guard at the door, allowing only waiting outside the recipient sign downstairs.


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