Yesterday it is easy to see from the rumors of WeChat’s three major drawbacks from the media

always wanted to write an article on the "WeChat" (from the media refers to the part of the WeChat public account) critical articles, the caused by closing the letter "curtain call" rumor spread negative events, I am unable to bear in mind the anger, be sure to BB two, now WeChat "from media" then a son is unhealthy tendencies, not without analysis to determine the hows and whys of a matter, strictly follow the trend of speculation, rumors four.

take this storm of public opinion, in fact, "the letter of the station" line of news, a few days earlier had been sent to the official through part of the user, but was able to stir up because of a "," the curtain call began to spread in the circle of friends, micro-blog etc. social media, this is a typical chicken soup like the poison, to remind that a group of 80 and 90 have used, user on the memory of youth, trying to products, the rise and fall of strategic choice in it like this.

is the emergence of such a situation, I personally think that WeChat is now from the media, especially the self styled new media and media people from the impetuous and arbitrariness caused by.

first, part of the irresponsible attitude of the media, not rigorous approach, lucky to grow the psychological fans


probably saw WeChat a public number in the dissemination of the curtain call event, is a part of local or vertical media, since the media is a part of the IT community, there is a public number of competitors. Such as sued the company named "fashion bazaar", the WeChat account number subject to "Beijing bazaar star culture media Co., Ltd., a micro religious you wear a star fan children, one minute to let you understand the entertainment, instantly turned film fancier, with positive energy to share entertainment". I would like to say is: Xiao Bian will not regard this as entertainment news to entertainment bar.

what "Xinchang Information Port", "Shanghai public education", "Youth Daily, " or the copy or change the title wholly intact. No wonder the Xinhua News Agency bursts of three articles at the WeChat public plagiarism situation: 1 original and 99 copy.

on WeChat, the original copy of the phenomenon, I believe that ordinary users or, or the original media itself, this should be a deep understanding, in my circle of friends will meet several times without copying Aguirre source and the original author.

second, some of the media from the

news value orientation is not good news, incited, not realistic

careful people will find, network media and traditional media newspapers, radio and television reports, material style have great differences, we look at the "people’s Daily", "news broadcast", the positive energy, that happiness, think people are longing for the world of life, but once you are exposed to the Internet media the information, whether it is the PC side.

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