The new circle of friends to help purchasing fake genuine need to provide the customs tariff and enc

in WeChat’s circle of friends can search a lot of overseas purchasing public numbers for map / Oriental IC

in August 1st the introduction of new regulations in the customs, the future is not a list of goods, list of goods, customs clearance procedures for overseas purchasing behavior will be suspected of smuggling. This provision allows a lot to do purchasing genuine business owner jittery after business may become increasingly difficult. But for consumers, buy real buy fake stuff later, the customs check at a glance.

purchasing a star with the dress, Europe and the United States big bag, cosmetics…… These things recently in the circle of friends are crazy way to refresh. Not only WeChat circle of friends, micro-blog, Taobao and a variety of B2C sites are active in these purchasing groups. However, false ones, unsupervised purchasing market also makes many consumers at a disadvantage.

purchasing business increasingly difficult to do

also a bag, the domestic counter to buy a few thousand dollars more expensive than abroad, so that the spread so many people echocardiography. At present, overseas purchasing is mainly in the form of mail or carry on entry, as long as no more than a certain amount, up to pay only a small post tax. However, several reporters from the purchasing department learned that the last two years has increased the customs supervision of overseas purchasing, purchasing according to Ms. Lee said that she had had several times the experience of purchasing goods are sampling. Ms. Lee said that she mainly from the United States to buy bags, clothes and shoes, to express the way to send back home. After sampling or domestic taxes, or back to the United states. In the domestic tax to tax in accordance with the price tag, but the cost is very high. Back to the United States and then shipped back to the domestic freight have to bear their own, freight is also high. However, compared to the two, or hit the U.S. economy some cost-effective. However, such a toss back and forth, there will be too slow to return the guests, this situation can only eat a boring loss, loss serious.

Ms. Lee said that if the customs not thorough investigation, they did from the save some money. For example, her package is generally about 10 goods. Not a tax can save more than 100 yuan, more than $10 is more than 1000. Like Lee own money back taxes is actually a minority, some purchase directly stated that if the goods are sampling taxes paid by the buyers themselves.

Ms. Lee said, heard the August 1st introduction of the new customs regulations, colleagues have become jittery. Now the customs is entirely luck, express delivery of goods in customs clearance for more than 3 days, Ms. Lee will be very nervous. After purchasing business increasingly difficult to do.

alert the supplier name of purchasing the name of selling fake

purchasing industry is increasingly large and some people are actually dragons and fishes jumbled together, purchasing the name of the name to sell the fake. Korean cosmetics purchasing high lady introduced, working for a long time, some sell special fire shop, look at the price can be seen out of the true and false. Ms. Gao cosmetics store in Seoul to see a certain type of cosmetics is 60000 won a bottle, equivalent to about RMB 36>

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