Web site webmaster talk about the ten points of network promotion

contact sites also have small half a year, has been diving learning in the webmaster, today I also take a bubble, ten points of network promotion talk with me, to share with you, and I hope to help you.


around the station 114 at home on the Internet the most simple promotion methods under ten kinds:

, no matter what the person feels stood the first step is the first search engine to submit, for example: the evil Baidu (personal view), Google, YAHOO, Sogou and so on, the first choice at least ten search engine submission site, submit address as I believe we all know, do not know you can google.

two, positioning the site keywords, promotion Keywords is a very hard work, the general web site has at least three key words, 11401.com has the key words, 114, the home of the site, site navigation.

three, do links. Links is fine, not more, but to connect a high weight website, it is not easy. Initial words to buy some links can also be considered, in fact, I think a site as long as the search for 15 to 20 weight is relatively high site links do not need to do hundreds of.

four, website content must be original, at least pseudo original, to constantly update, to constantly update the site search engine is love, then the site included, ranking will slowly rise.

five, continue to attract search engine care website. In fact, I think the search engine robot is not so hard-working, and work is very sloppy and careless he does not love your website, then for several days from their visit website, you should not sit and rest, initiative, for Baidu that is the best way to know Baidu, Baidu space, support Baidu products, Baidu might support you over. The rest is the same.

six, soft Wen promotion. A good article can make a website, this is very important, of course, soft paper includes various forms, not only is written, and verbal, do soft Wen on the lip of the current number of Alibaba, I think the best ma do, something all right to talk about the outside class, not only the important thing, let more people know the Alibaba. The written form of soft Wen, not a day for two days can be written, when I started to write text, a month no one, only then summarizes, write a summary once, for a primary school, can write a composition, as long as the society is summarized your letter written wenyiding will, at least it will have a lot of people are willing to take the time to look.

eight, the use of their own QQ. I want to do the promotion of the network everyone has QQ bar, if there is no eighth points do not look at it, ha ha, it can not be. In their own QQ signature on the web site and a brief introduction, plus a lot of friends, nothing to talk to them and what. >

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