Business a fire in winter Christmas fitness industry

in this celebration of Christmas, celebrate New Year’s day, the industry’s major businesses have started in the cold winter with


every Christmas, the mall will be plastered in the window with Santa Claus and reindeer sleigh photos to attract customers. Even on the sidewalk, pedestrians can hear Christmas music coming from the mall. Cinemas are also actively preparing for the arrival of Christmas, because this year’s Christmas is just the weekend, is expected to reach the highest point in the two days of the box office. The network shopping platform of the Christmas promotion war has started, launched the "Christmas season" promotions; Jingdong mall launched the "Christmas Storm full 299 to send 300" preferential; domestic group purchase websites are not a sign of weakness, in the face of foreign festival, do promotional articles. A three star hotel in order to attract customers, including the introduction of French foie gras, Turkey, Christmas buffet dinner to the customer, but also on the Christmas Eve for customers to show a large simulated snow, make customers feel "different kind of Christmas in the southern tropical snow".

Christmas is a great opportunity for the fitness industry,


fitness club after October basically began to appear signs of the winter off-season, fitness is an important period of one year, by the end of the winter, probably because most people feel cold in winter to avoid excessive consumption of energy, physical fitness, people awareness, fitness card is not good sales


in fact, the winter for the fitness industry, is a very important period of time, the premise is to pay attention to the right way, choose the right project.

will cross the Christmas and new year new year’s day, Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival. These festivals in the long winter, in fact, every holiday is a marketing tool master, but also fitness club managers can make a fuss when. A simple operation is a holiday party, in the Christmas season, the fitness industry can host a Christmas party. The party continued to carry out on-site discount cards, New Year card, sweepstakes, send coupons, discount referrals and other ways to promote sales.

Christmas fitness industry big get-together, in order to better let everyone know their gym, to attract everyone in the winter fitness consumption. We can set up an open class on Christmas day, Christmas Carnival, promotion. In the Christmas Carnival Night activities, fitness dance performances, interactive games. And to the scene of the members and non members into the heart of the fitness craze, can make in the field coach department led us to warm up, then the belly dance, Latin dance, boxing, yoga, aerobics and other popular fitness projects and the corresponding performance caused by the strong interest of members and non members.

During this period,

and members of the non members of the interaction of Christmas gifts, promotional activities for fitness cards. You can also set up a number of special fitness card items, such as the introduction of student winter cards, package >

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