Let yourself become the marketing content of the eight ways of marketing

are you destroying your efforts?



Ann Handley


marketing waste is very serious. You put a lot of effort into building a reputation for a positive word of mouth. But are you destroying the results of your own efforts?.

make yourself a marketing content

marketing should focus on products and services, right?. Marketing should focus on what products and services can do for customers. The former is based on the enterprise, the latter is the customer as the center. You have to put yourself in the marketing, the customer will be placed in the center of marketing. In other words, let your client, not your company, be the hero of the story.

for their own marketing

if you think about yourself or your friends’ preferences and behaviors, they will make a mess of things. The end result of the marketing campaign is likely to be in conflict with your target audience, and is not aligned with the customer’s true desires, needs, interests and behaviors.

does not understand customer

who is your target customer? You need to invest time and money to identify who your customers are. Not only that, but also to understand their speech and deportment. How do they live and work? Where are they? Who affect their buying behavior? Is a peer review website, or Facebook friends to you? The man managed to close, "the buyer", you should have a clear and comprehensive understanding of.

marketing is decided by others

everyone thinks they know how to effectively carry out marketing activities. You don’t need the idea of a powerful and unconstrained style bother others may even include your boss. You know who your customers are, you know how to find them, and you have a deep understanding of what they think. If you pay attention to those ideas, that’s why you may have problems.

no customer data

perspective or intuition is not the basis of your marketing plan, research should be the basis for marketing programs, but that does not mean that art and creativity does not work. Instead, look at the data as an essential insight into your new opportunities and the foundation of truly inspirational marketing campaigns.

in the marketing strategy in

breakthrough marketing in an industry often has innovative features, but for the whole world it does not have to be original. You have to look at what other people or other organizations are doing, and sometimes look at things that are completely unrelated to your business. You don’t have to wait for a specific industry or vertical field to demonstrate the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. On the contrary, the so-called innovation

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