High quality rice network operation model of sustainable development

life quality rice network, raise a Babel of criticism of speculation. Unlimited scenery. Let me admire this little webmaster, I built this station is one of the purposes, and the network marketing enthusiasts can be further exchanges. Can be more free to express their understanding of some of the methods and means of network marketing. Can also express some of their thoughts, to show their self. Of course, there is a purpose. Perhaps it is also an important purpose, that is, when my site can bring some useful things to the user, but also can bring me some income. That’s it。 Of course and quality rice network’s purpose: to serve our country and knowledge group network TV, which is better than my flow, all feel shy. But I am afraid that most of the current personal small webmaster and I think the estimate is eight or nine from the ten. But we can’t deny our role.

is the following quote.

"quality rice network is founded by the famous producer of MS Wang Lifen’s elite network TV platform to create a service to the country and the intellectual community, the first duty is to build credibility and influence, the construction of China intellectual spiritual home network. The focus China elite topic, give full play to the advantages of TV platform and network platform, the traditional TV Editing idea and production capacity, combined with network TV free on demand, "sharing wisdom, exchange of ideas" for the elite crowd space."

read these words very smoothly, it is also very ideal. It’s to live, I, also registered members of the network quality, visible I meter net is of no bias, even very love. The video is also very smooth, background music is exciting, the sense of the guest is impassioned, make my blood boil. But I always feel that it is so far away from me, I always listen to other people’s stories, thinking a while, came to a conclusion that I am not their target group. They have made it clear that the construction of China’s intellectual network spiritual home. Focus on the topics of the Chinese elite. The target is very accurate, as Mr Shi Yuzhu’s "no gifts for the holidays this year, also received gifts melatonin". They have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. But I would say that the meter net can be popular for network won’t like naobaijin popular public that! Perhaps MS Wang Lifen did not intend to do


on the Internet is becoming more and more popular today, for this position? What is elite? Even to separate the elite, you really are in the "focus China elite topic", is probably some of the most probably it did not actually happen. It is at present, quality is only a TV network to the Internet, or several people in the open party. The advantages of the Internet is also reflected in? Like television, "cow" talking about Qin (very cow cow), we were interested in. In this way, Ms. Wang Lifen to do a better job in CCTV host.

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