Personal Adsense to promote the establishment of the necessary small software

some time ago, has been busy for a long time to update the housing network, there is no time to promote the site, when the spare time to view the statistics, always so low IP.

today just rest, at home, Baidu, and found a few software promotion is good.

a, sitemap generator: Tiger Sitemap generator 0.6.2

can analyze your web site and generate sitemap. You can upload the generated sitemap to your site and notify the search engine (e.g. Google). By setting up the sitemap file can improve the affinity of your site to search engines, so that search engines faster and more comprehensive collection and refresh your site, improve your site in the search engine included. At the same time, the software can also help you to check your site in the chain, chain scission, monitoring site connection status.


official download address:

two, check the site dead link: Wenu Link Sleuth 1.2i

Xenu Link Sleuth may be the smallest but most powerful web site that you’ve ever seen for a dead link software. You can open a local web page to check its links, you can enter any URL to check. It can live links and web site lists are dead links, even to link it to support multi threading, crystal clear; can check the results stored as a text file or web page file.


Chinese Army download address:

three, RSS submitted to experts V2.0

RSS is a batch of experts submitted automatically submit RSS connection gadget, you only need to fill out their basic information and RSS link website in the software, it can help you automatically submit this information to the RSS search engine or index. For your site to bring huge traffic, is an essential tool for website promotion.

program has a very good scalability, can support the custom site submission function, only through the interface to make a simple procedure for the operation of the new interface can be added.

RSS submission experts are shareware, but the unregistered version does not feature and use time constraints.


sky download address:<>

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