WAL MART will push the electronic commerce in China Alibaba looming killer

has been declared to compete with WAL-MART’s Alibaba, and now get it done, but not into the Alibaba to open the store to open the line, but WAL-MART will open online business.

March 30th, from overseas media reports, the world’s largest retailer plans in China and Japan Rui e-commerce business. We are building a new technology platform. WAL-MART recently released the advertisement, also began to recruit talents for electronic commerce business.

at present, WAL-MART has opened 282 stores in China, after the report shows that in 2010 will also plan to open the store again in the mainland of the 60 stores. In Japan, WAL-MART also has 371 stores.

now, WAL-MART with its Asda.com sector, the first in the United States and the United Kingdom to develop a strong online business. The sector will also be connected to WAL-MART’s new global technology platform.

2008, WAL-MART launched e-commerce business in Brazil. In the Japanese market by the country’s largest online marketplace (Rakuten) sales of goods. The latter has just entered into an alliance with Baidu, China’s largest search engine service provider, to form a joint venture.

pay attention to the problem has been resolved. In March 17th, PayPal announced that it will cooperate with China UnionPay to allow Chinese consumers to buy and pay from overseas businesses, one of his clients is WAL-MART. But the biggest competitor in this business is Taobao and Alipay Alibaba and its subsidiary.

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