What can be done to counter attack the vertical category electricity supplier

vertical electricity supplier refers to a certain industry or market segments to deepen the operation of e-commerce model. Vertical e-commerce sites are the same type of products. Most of these sites are engaged in the same product B2C or B2B business, its business is based on similar goods and services.

vertical electricity supplier and multiple electricity supplier is the two mode of e-commerce. In our country, the electricity business district is to play for the capital market share, this play allows some small vertical electricity supplier can hardly survive. Has been married and multi platform has been a vertical best destination, a representative of the red child is incorporated into suning.com very good.

but the destination is really the only way vertical? Not so that we can see, LETV mall belongs to the vertical, but in the development of the road never depend on the whole electricity supplier category, also live well. This shows that the problem is: vertical electricity supplier in the future can not just be satisfied with the sale of goods, to go up, involved in the manufacturing sector, to build brand electricity supplier, to achieve the unity of manufacturers, direct users to the channel.

vertical electricity supplier is not dead

proved one of the most direct evidence of death is not vertical LETV mall has become the largest smart TV Chinese vertical business platform, Chinese ten B2C electricity supplier website, more is the pioneer of social business platform based on user interest.

September 19th "fans Festival", the super TV music as the mall sales of 100 thousand units, more than 40 thousand parts, the total sales amount of 400 million yuan, the total number of participants over 8 million. Super TV hit a single day sales volume, sales record in China’s television industry, as the mall hit a single day of Chinese B2C mall single brand TV sales, sales records.

in accordance with the definition, the music as the vertical electricity supplier is said: sell a few television, boxes and other technology products, through the official website booking sales, professional distribution…… As for the ultimate single product concept, take the form of electricity providers make the channel flat, out of a way different from the traditional business; in music as driven by a large number of vertical electricity supplier is expected to rise again in the name of the brand business.

Ovid consulting monitoring report shows that in 2014 July super TV online sales share of 27.1%, ranked first, which means that the online sale of every four TV, there is a super tv. The PRC data show that music as TV super TV in July monthly market share reached 7.36%, more than Samsung, SHARP, SONY three brands and occupy the top spot in the ocean, 39 inches, 50 inches, 60 inches, 70 inches of product sales, the sales king sitting on the throne. Super TV listed for a year, they made nearly 1 million units of sales, media forecasts, according to the growth rate to 2016, super TV sales will exceed 8 million units, among the first in the industry.

music as a collection of many products, many brands of integrated B2C electronic business platform is different, as the mall only sell super TV >

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