The total number of WordPress blogs exceeded 50 million monthly views of up to 2 billion 500 millio

Beijing time on July 11th morning news, blog platform WordPress hosted blog and its website registered on Sunday, the total number of blog broke through the 50 million mark.

WordPress founder Matt Mullen Ludwig · (Matt Mullenweg) will be welcomed the news. site has a counter, not only can be included in the number of their own server blog, but also calculate the number of hosting (self-hosted) blog. The so-called managed blog refers to developers, designers and other users to decide on their own open source platform.

so far, WordPress has helped 3502225 registered in the blogger wrote 302882 posts and 270000 comments. A rough calculation, the number of submitted per minute on the WordPress platform, post and comment respectively 210 and 188, close to 7700 words, equivalent to almost two times the number of the Encyclopedia britannica. WordPress Andrew · nasin (Andrew Nacin) confirmed the news. monthly page views up to 2 billion 500 million times a month, about 287 million people log in to browse the blog written in 120 languages. 2/3 of the blogs are written in English, Spanish and Portuguese are divided into second and third. (


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