E rent treasure illegal fund raising project is actually the truth the fictional sleight of hand

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 31 (reporter Bai Yang, Chen Ji) within one and a half years of illegal absorption of funds about 50000000000 yuan, injured investors across the country’s 31 provinces…… January 14th, the attention of the e rental treasure platform of 21 people involved in Beijing prosecutors approved the arrest. Among them, "e rent treasure platform actual controller, Yucheng group board of directors chairman of the Executive Board of Ding Ning, suspected fraud, illegal deposits from the public, the crime of illegal possession of firearms and other crimes. In addition, with the case of a number of suspects have been arrested by prosecutors around the arrest.


platform has swept the country the truth how? Yucheng Group executives head all sorts of "halo" underneath how shady? "Xinhua viewpoint reporter before the date of approval by the relevant departments, the police, the main suspects and victims of enterprises conducted in-depth interviews, to restore the Yucheng group and its affiliated the company (hereinafter referred to as" Yucheng ") with" crime trajectory e rent treasure of illegal fund-raising.

under the banner of network finance illegal fund-raising about 50000000000

"e rent treasure" is "Yucheng" under the Jin Yi Rong (Beijing) Network Technology Co. Ltd. operation platform. In February 2014, Yucheng group bought the company, and the operation of the network platform transformation. In July 2014, Yucheng group will change the platform named "e rent treasure", the name of "financial network" under the banner of on-line operations.

police handling the case, by the end of 2015, more than the public security departments and the financial regulatory authorities found that e rent treasure business unusual, then investigate.

found that the public security organs, to December 5, 2015, "Yucheng" discretionary liquidity remained tense, capital chain always face the risk of fracture; at the same time, Yucheng group has begun to transfer funds, destruction of evidence, several executives have fled signs. In order to avoid investors suffer greater losses, in December 8, 2015, the Ministry of public security command of the public security organs unified action to implement the arrest of chief executive Ding Ning "Yucheng".

police handling the case, said the case is complicated, the investigation is extremely difficult. "Branch Yucheng" throughout the country, involving a number of investors, and the company’s financial management, management of large volume of data, only relevant data storage company inventory server has more than 200 taiwan. In order to destroy the evidence, the suspect will be more than 1200 copies of evidence materials into more than 80 bags, buried in Anhui Province on the outskirts of Hefei, somewhere in the 6 meters deep underground, the ad hoc group to use two excavators, lasted more than 20 hours to be dug up.

police initially identified the "top Yucheng" is registered overseas Yucheng International Holdings Limited, Beijing, Shanghai, Bengbu and other eight operations center under the banner, and under the financing project, "e rent treasure online sales," e rent treasure line sales and other eight business segments, most of these plates are around the "e rent treasure operation set.


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