Online users must be real name Winter is coming the game in the shiver

as the Internet consumption large – online games has been the heart of many enterprises to meat, R & D, agents of a number of types of online games, and on top of the charging mode, find the virtual currency and other innovative props, to allow users to spend in online games in the most willing to. But it is undeniable that, although online games has become a lot of people’s leisure, but also brought a lot of negative issues. Therefore, the government’s supervision of online games is also growing.


recently, the Ministry of Culture issued on the regulation of online game operations to strengthen the matter in the post regulatory work notice, which is worth the attention of the game providers have a number of points. For the first time defined the virtual currency of online games, virtual items cannot be exchanged for legal tender, requires the user to use the valid identity certificate of the real name registration, shall not use visitor mode user login provides recharge or consumer services…… In the new round of policies under the pressure of a coming winter, and what the manufacturers will shiver?

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: the real name system power multiplication

in the notice issued by the Ministry of culture, the online user must use a valid identity certificate for the real name registration this point is regarded as old. After all, in 2010 of June, the Ministry of culture on the introduction of online games real name system related to the bill, the Interim Measures for online game management, then it has been stipulated that the user must perform real name authentication when playing online games. Unfortunately, over the past few years, the so-called real name system implementation of the user is low, and did not really fully.

for the user, so that the game makers to grasp their most basic personal information, there will always be a sense of insecurity. Once the real name information leakage, will likely cause significant losses. Even more so that users are helpless, many online games are small game business launch or agent. Bankruptcy risk is greater, the protection of personal information is not in place. In addition, playing online games map is straightforward, real name authentication process is relatively cumbersome. For game providers, they are more reluctant to accept the real name system. The implementation of the real name system means that users are likely to lose interest in the game itself is not improved. Output thankless thing, the game is not willing to do business.

but the Ministry of culture is determined to implement the online real name system. Because the real name, likely to lead to damage to the interests of users, minors indulging in online games, game developers use beta form escape inspection / code conveying. The real name system is fundamentally, in order to promote the open, transparent and rational consumption of online games to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, especially minors. In order to make the online real name system landing, the Ministry of culture will also strengthen the online gaming operations in the matter after the regulatory. It is foreseeable that the online real name system is not just talk about it.

yuan soldiers or reduce part of the game operators face winter

in fact, as far as I am concerned, online real name system does not affect the average user’s gaming experience, the impact of the largest

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