NetEase will stop service at the age of 17 at the forum in 1 months

September 20 Japanese: NetEase forum announced yesterday that, due to the needs of the development of the media business NetEase, NetEase forum will stop service in October 19th. Prior to the official shutdown, NetEase forum to provide users with a key to pack download services; expired, the user data is no longer retained.


it is reported that NetEase forum was founded in 1999, has been 17 years of history. Officially stop the service, which means that the Forum on behalf of NetEase portal forum is coming to an end.

NetEase forum to stop service bulletin

dear friends:

due to the needs of the development of the media business NetEase, we have to regret to inform you that the NetEase forum will stop service in October 19, 2016.

since 1999, NetEase founded on our forum, hundreds of millions of netizens never abandon, always be grateful. Now stand in the pavilion side, we have found that in the face of hundreds of millions of faces, originally sometimes even a simple "goodbye", so it is not say. "The green, may my heart, but for the sake of you. So far, Cao Mengde pondered" with "Book of Songs" poems to describe the desperate mood sentence, put in here, even so appropriate — but the most important thing in our mind is the brow, user experience.

because we care about the feelings of each forum users, before deciding in the weeks and months to calculate the product life cycle of the industry, and then extend the lifeline of this old product. But sometimes, just the right to leave, the feast is more valuable than the feast, because in your heart, I always leave the best memories of each other.

NetEase forum officially stopped before the service, we will provide the memory package collection service, can be a key package to download each user’s personal articles and historical collections. The future, through the NetEase, NetEase, NetEase to keep abreast of news client, and other products, we hope to continue to provide excellent content of interactive services to friends in the new world, continue to play happily together.

NetEase forum

September 19, 2016

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