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August 3, 2013, Japanese television broadcast a set of old animation in 1986: Hayao Miyazaki’s "Sky City"". When the protagonist finally read the Destruction spells a moment, not only the "sky city" spell destroyed, even Twitter has also been in the history of the most serious attack spell ", the flow of the server for an instant surge of 7-8 times per second, more than 140 thousand of the information website instantly collapse.

we originally thought that only like the world cup this important global live events, have huge social needs, but in this case the sky city "tells us: it’s not broadcast the event or content, but human beings tend to love at the same time, share their feelings on the same hobby. Live, but this is a real social incentive.

Spring Festival Gala, everyone sitting on the sofa watching TV, although, unlike TV broadcast platform can direct discussion, but we will take out a mobile phone, in the broadcast content circle of friends happy Spring Festival. The fun of playing the circle of friends is much greater than watching the program. It can be concluded from these examples that people really enjoy sharing their feelings about the same hobby at the same time. Come to see live, whether it is like the betta panda, banners that kind of game live, or reflect off, pepper, a live broadcast mobile broadcast, there are two indispensable factors in the successful experience: many of the same content as well as the audience with common interests of the community and interaction.

sleep a live studio, there are more than 2 thousand people online watch, this phenomenon is due to the real-time broadcast itself, the audience in the same content of interest, real-time social activities: good content, we can interact together; bad content, large family can be together tucao. Content, real-time communication between the audience is the essence of. Just as mentioned in the live broadcast to sleep, most of the audience is not watching live content, but in the collective Tucao indecent anchor position. Video broadcast is not a "show", but a "party", a group of friends with the same interest, you can have fun at the same party at the same time. So, it’s not a live show, it’s a party.

"as onlookers, actually see is interactive, barrage live in the content, he won’t feel boring." At the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s new media observer Wei Wuhui said, from the initial network forum, blog, then micro-blog and WeChat, are in fact people will transfer from the reality to the virtual social network, live only in the form of multimedia, more intuitive, the core is still the virtual social essence.

invisible Internet will be in the body of each user is closely linked, people’s lifestyle has been changed. You can stay at home to watch the concert, and can also meet friends and family video calls, people from the reality of the limitations of space intersection and network release information of every hue change or not, only the user.

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