SOHO says the price of freedom

webmaster, this term is gradually out of the water about 05 years later, in 05 years ago, if you say you are a webmaster, someone will ask you what is the station, the train station? The term owners have let people glory, thanks to the Baidu, NetEase, Sina these well-known companies. Today, the station is no longer the scenery, people have become familiar with the term, because the people engaged in the construction site, and more personal webmaster, people will not be accustomed to see the strange.

with the development of network, more and more Internet companies are developing all kinds of website system, leading to the establishment of more and more low threshold, more and more people believe, more and more people to join this group to individual stationmaster. In addition to the technical factors, more and more people love personal freedom, as long as a computer, a network cable can achieve personal entrepreneurial dreams, who does not love? Can arrange their own time, do not go to the crowded bus, not to see the boss’s complexion, not by others, what they want to work on what when working at home. It all seems to be free, and life should be comfortable in theory. But is it really the way it is?

free, is really free, but this freedom is a price to pay, all sources of income of individual stationmaster are on site, site stability has a direct impact on the quality of life of the owners, to worry about traffic every day, with the flow but also to find ways to help convert the flow of money, if not converted into money the flow is a flow of waste. In the final analysis, the webmaster want to live on the website traffic must go up, in order to improve the flow of a lot of people use a variety of methods, and even some people have been linked to Trojan horse cheating.

In addition to

traffic, but also by the personal webmaster to advertising the ruthless exploitation now more and more advertising unit price, domestic advertising all rely on low-level images to attract the attention of netizens, in contrast, GOOGLE’s advertising will be better, but now GOOGLE has changed the plan, click rate and price line fall, many rely on GOOGLE survival stationmaster income plummeted. Today, the personal webmaster really bad day, really too difficult!

is the most terrible of individual stationmaster life without what security, once the website income reduced, have to tighten their belts, let alone what social insurance and medical insurance, individual stationmaster itself monthly income is not high, but the workload is relatively large, the most important point is that the individual webmaster love stay in front of the computer home, do not love to go out, the above factors lead to webmaster even if the money can not to buy any insurance. Without insurance, there is no guarantee of life in the future.

personal webmaster due to stay at home for a long time, every day with the network as a companion, resulting in a smaller circle of life, lack of communication. These are not conducive to the future development of individuals.

here, I hope to join the ranks of individuals in the ranks of graduates to seriously think about it, do not do a full-time webmaster, the best thing is to do the work side of the station, such a subsidiary

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