Wang Tong under the name of the SEO domain name is not resolved to resolve the suspect and filing

news (June 29th), according to the domain name forum users broke the news, Wang Tong under the name of the SEO money training site ( domain name parsing, has been unable to access, may be related to speculation, because no record to stop parsing.

it is understood that the network may be stopped in the resolution yesterday, the domain name is clientHold, clientHold status is generally due to inaccurate registration information is not true Registration Bureau locked. According to the owner of the Whois query information has been registered as an organization as required, it is still unclear why the reason for the settlement is not resolved, or because the site does not record the domain name resolution.


2010, CNNIC real name system to review the CN domain name to a stable stage, before the Ministry clearly also issued a notice to stop the implementation of operation for data analysis of real name or domain name for the record.

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