Six months of nearly 7 trillion transactions to pay the layout of the nternet banking third

in the first half of 2013, China’s third party payment business scale (online and offline transactions total) reached 6 trillion and 910 billion, completed 2012 annual trading volume (104221 yuan) 66%, semi annual report released by the ccid.

, China UnionPay business, Alipay, chinapnr still occupy the top three. Although in July the central bank issued the seventh installment of the third party payment license has reached a total of up to 250, but the third party payment industry is still maintaining a relatively stable pattern.

bank card payment and Internet payment is the third party payment scale accounted for the absolute dominance of the top two categories of business, the first half of 2013 the transaction size was 4 trillion and 460 billion and 2 trillion and 270 billion, accounting for the total size of the total accounted for 97.39%. Mobile payment business is the smallest, accounting for about 1.5% of the entire field of the third party payment.


report shows that the first half of 2013 China’s third party payment enterprises with total transaction size of 6 trillion and 910 billion, leading the union business enterprises to pay 46.3% of the market share, occupy the industry integrated ranked first; Alipay with its absolute advantage in the field of Internet followed, with 17.8% market share ranked second; chinapnr, communications payments, property Fu Tong respectively occupy industry ranking third to fifth.

currently, electricity providers are stepping up the layout of the Internet payment. October 2012, Jingdong mall completed online banking online acquisition, while Su Ningyi Alipay third party payment license. Although the Internet payment pattern of the overall market is relatively stable, Alipay has an absolute advantage in the field, but with the addition of giant companies in other industries, the future of the industry pattern or a new breakthrough.

bank card acquiring still maintain a rapid development, the main reasons are: one is the increase of the scale of bank card; two is the bank card acceptance environment, and gradually improve the acceptance rate is three; the fine division of labor, market participants continue to increase, the degree of market deepening.

Although the size of the

mobile payment is still small, but is gradually peatlands. Following operators, UnionPay, banks, third party payment companies also use remote technology and payment terminals into mobile payment. According to CCID statistics, as of the first half of 2013, China Mobile payment transaction size of about 99 billion 340 million yuan. Financial institutions, mobile operators in an important position in the industrial chain, while the third party payment companies mostly with mobile phone credit card terminal cut into the industry.

with the balance of treasure is stir, Internet banking has become the focus of the development direction of the third party payment. Chinapnr, UnionPay and other 7 companies have been approved to carry out fund sales online payment business, remittance world and other companies also teamed up to enter the field of micro loans small bank.

chinapnr President Zhou Ye told this newspaper revealed that as of June, chinapnr transaction scale and business income are beyond the year 2012. In Shanghai, the letter by the Commission announced the 2012 Shanghai software business revenue ranking >

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