Grand literary Piracy a number of novel site personnel detention


novel 520 detainees detained

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              April 6th news, Tencent technology today informed that the secondary force cloud bookstore, the cloud Bookstore announced three operators access, launched the "shop", the grand literature again heavy piracy. Said Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang the day before, in the public security department under the help of novels of "520" and "Wansong Chinese network" and other novels website managers jingfangxingju.

it is understood that the starting point of the Chinese Web site in April 2nd released the title as the starting point to crack down on Piracy: Fiction 520 will not be the case!" The announcement said in the announcement, the superior departments in charge of the care and starting point to fully cooperate with public security organs, decisive attack, successfully destroyed the hate writers and practitioners of the majority of the original novels of "520" and a series of piracy website operators "Wuhan long interest network company".

In addition to this novel

520 large infringement case, Hou Xiaoqiang also published related to micro-blog, "said Chinese Wansong network and many other infringement literature website management personnel were detained and released on bail. Hou Xiaoqiang said that the construction of the grand imagination world, Shanda literature writers with the arduous efforts to combat piracy is so grand literature cloud bookstore strategy.

"in the past year, we have to include the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary, China Association party secretary, deputy director of department to report, our old friend Zhang will also face our situation to the premier. To combat piracy, be slack."

analysts pointed out that after the media had written that China has more than 530 thousand pirated literary websites, the annual profit of a total of 5 billion yuan. In the movie, the music industry website have been rectification, the United Library Website denounce literary works but also subject to a number of famous writers. Judging from the trend, the consolidation efforts will also increase the literature website. This is also an important measure to force the construction of the grand literature after the cloud bookstore.

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