Taobao CPA paid off or transition mode has been carried out online

news April 11th, billion state power network has learned, Taobao website marketing tool for Taobao customers or will soon start charging effect the new approach, namely from the original CPS mode (according to the effect of commission to CPA advertising (Fu Fei) according to the actual effect of Fu Fei).

billion state power network from Taobao alliance was informed that currently have to part of the Taobao open beta customer channels, and implement incentive plan. Join the seller of the program, will be based on the Commission on the basis of the plan, to Taobao customers on the specific promotion effect (new users to buy, high-quality users, etc.), customize the additional promotional fees.


it is understood that the incentive plan is divided into three kinds: including the implementation scheme of "directional commission + purchase of new users, according to CPS order for the shop at the same time, if the buyer orders are a new user, then shop and additional payment to promote a reward. Directional commission + high quality users, that is, to bring the shop CPS orders, if the order price pen >, X, then the store to pay a premium to the promoters. Directional commission + new users to buy high-quality users, third types, to determine the conditions for the "or" relationship, can be a separate reward, but also a double effect, to meet the definition of one of the effects, the reward.

from Taobao Union gives the promotion plan visible, the average commission rate directional promotion of up to more than 15%, at the same time, also according to various embodiments, 3%-5% ranging from plus commission, by contrast, general promotion is only about 6%.

Taobao alliance pointed out that the orientation program has opened the CPA online sellers after a "special award" column, which marked the "details" plan is a special award.

at the same time, Taobao alliance also said that due to the special incentive plan is based on the directional plan, so open beta access to the seller for Taobao customers still have to join the plan.

According to

billion state power network to understand, there are more than 50 big sellers have joined the online open CPA program.

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