Secret deep and dark you do not know the nternet

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things have positive and negative, the network is the same, the deep web and dark network (the Internet search engine that is not part of the network to grab) has existed for many years, but in the IoE (Internet of Everything all interconnected) era, it may play a more important role.

we often hear someone mention an unknown network, also known as the dark network. Lei Feng also made a deep analysis of the dark before the network.

if there were no major events (such as the recent Silk Road 2), most people would probably never hear the word "dark". But now the situation is slowly changing, once the evolution of IoE can be achieved, coupled with various types of penetration, the integration trend of the dark network can not be blocked, which will pose a huge challenge to network security.

those who are familiar with the network and its rules will get more opportunities to develop the surface network. Because with the IoE of the Internet, the interconnection between billions of devices will change, and even some of the equipment will be an independent exchange. And what we call the network, but is based on the information sharing platform on the Internet, with the help of IoE in the future we will get the chance to get information geometric growth, this is just a mathematical problem. So it’s time for the security department to take action and think about how to resist the invasion of the dark forces in the dark.

now, let’s look at the elements contained in the network. We will explore each element in depth, test their metrics, and clarify their relationship with IoE.

do you think there is only one layer of network? In fact, it is a total of three layers.

if you want a layer through the network core, you will find it a total of three layers:

surface network: this network is generally familiar with and use of the network, any search engine can crawl and easy access.

deep network: all the network outside the surface of the network we call it deep web search engine can not grab it. It is not completely hidden, but ordinary search engines can not find its whereabouts. However, it is not difficult to access it using some tools (which is also easy to obtain).

dark network: dark network is part of the deep network, but was artificially hidden up. If it is not a big technology, it is difficult to break into the network. It is also the most notorious part of the Internet, and many of the things you can’t imagine.


figure below the sea level are part of the deep web

surface network

surface network is known as the visible network, but in fact it accounts for only 4% to 20% of the entire network, we usually visit is such networks. By >

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