Robin Li’s other game the number one hundred to become the next headline today

from the media era, the Internet created business opportunities everywhere. Only those who produce and keep the original author of dry cargo from the media and individual stationmaster continued innovation, in order to truly survive. In the era of new media content distribution, the creation of free bait has become a history. Since the media flowers bloom in 2016, will be the last battle to free mode.


not long ago, that is, the June 8th Baidu Union conference, Baidu search company president Xiang Hailong said that Baidu mobile search in the first quarter of 2016 has reached 663 million, has completed the transformation of the mobile. The dragon also said that Baidu officially launched the "100", as the media and media empowerment. "

it is understood that the number one hundred following Baidu hundred, Baidu released (the original Baidu media number), Baidu launched the third content of the self realization of the media platform Robin Li. In the original content production, content distribution, advertising into the closed loop within the integrated marketing model. Just a few hundred on the line soon, it attracted a large number of authors from the media settled. At present, the number one from the media platform, the author has been invited to enter the queue audit.

born two and a half years of Baidu hundred, driven by the content creation, advertising and promotion model, the breeding of third media platforms from the hundred". Needless to say, is a sign of its own mature conditions. Currently, Tencent express, today’s headlines, such as a fire from the media platform, registered users. While Baidu stepped up its own platform layout, to the original author, from the media into the implementation of the program is no doubt a great surprise and return.

earlier, since the media circle has been a point of information flow realization mode to implement, but now the author Xin Dongfang has not yet received a beta invitation, estimation is also a rumor. Every day to engage in the original, a little bit of information every day in the article, no advertising revenue. According to this, relying on the text of the production of people from the media will go from here, I hope that the information can be implemented as soon as possible into the advertising model, which is today’s headlines, Tencent express do better.

until this evening (June 17th), 100, still overcrowded, since a large number of media are waiting for the platform for the development of functional test. At present, 100 is also a good, hot like, that passion, no less than the original zeal of today’s headlines.

see 100, immediately return, many people from the media are the heart with joy, hope that their long-term persistence was not wasted, today’s headlines from the daily express, such as the implementation of cash from media advertising model, 100, is born.

to distribute content is king era, continuous production of original high quality dry cargo, it is from the media to survive. Of course, since the media circle in addition to some of the original author of the article is relatively good, and some of the media quality of the people who can not keep up with the pace of rhythm. According to the speed of development, if the quality of their business behind it, is likely to be the self media tide to play "

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