Foreign new sample defeat chinahr com to decline

remember the advertisement that over 4 years ago? A superman flying in the city around the wall, think of "voiceover job into on?". At that time the major job sites are overwhelming advertising to grab the market, burn as much as in recent years the electricity supplier group purchase, is fighting in the market is very fierce.

According to the survey data of 2007

Analysys International, then, Zhaopin future worries and 3 online recruitment market revenues were 281 million yuan, 233 million yuan and 139 million yuan, but in addition to qianchengwuyou, and Zhaopin are in huge loss.

the past 4 years, has been listed as 8 years qianchengwuyou still steady development, 2012 net profit reached 112 million 900 thousand yuan in 2012, Zhaopin announced earnings, only bogged down, not only has been in a huge loss of status, but also face the fate of the sale was two times.

as has been written by many analysts, the key watershed in the end of 2008, after the acquisition of Monster wholly.

at least before the 2008 Monster wholly acquired when CEO Zhang Jianguo has great flexibility, such as malicious advertising for revenue, such as differentiated products, in an interview in 2008 when Zhang Jianguo revealed that in 2009 the market will be more than 150 million yuan budget is also disclosed, and that the pattern of the online recruitment market yet sure.

but all this, with three years of gambling agreement, Monster listed at the end of 2008 to take over the overall ended. In January 2009, in for 4 years, has led the to achieve market share in the first 4 years of Zhang Jianguo, because the contract was not renewed and had to leave.

then disappeared in the public view, if not because of the conflict of employees actively seeking jobs, do not know the outside world CEO is an American named Luo Bingquan in Hongkong, and this is obviously Monster direct assignment.

This is also fading of the most important reasons for Monster Chinese market do not pay attention to and investment and do not understand.

does not attach importance to

According to Sina

technology, Monster and talk shares in 2004, then in 2006 and then gave a talk at the end of 2008, the acquisition of a wholly-owned Monster company, itself also experienced high-level transformation, and not the original management team according to the original idea to offer, but only in accordance with the the implementation of the agreement.


and Monster acquisition, senior rarely Chinese, and according to the international general >

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