Recommendation do not forget to read the nternet

      "eleven" long holiday comes, I think of the problem of reading.

      synchronization with market economy is the information age. As the recent statistics, the total number of Internet users in China exceeded 160 million, but also to the tens of millions of people every year the number of increments. The advantages and disadvantages of the network is obvious: interactive platform on a large amount of information, fast and convenient way of communication, it is said to be able to search for the first line of confidential information. The traditional paper media, seems to really become increasingly ruined "an old cow pulling a rickety cart".

      74 year old world famous American writer John · Updike, who at the Washington Convention Center to participate in the exhibition industry representatives speeches: digital front end is approaching, the identity of the author. He urged the booksellers "to hold their own positions, to counter the growing" electronic mosquito ".

      when the "electronic mosquito mound" thoroughly buried when the paper media, no Yajing den, no kind of sleep on a family of scholar, one on the street, lying in bed, free to sit in the bathroom reading situation, will be swept away? A good book is the tears and blood beauty, for reading and tears of origin is very long, this is the study of sympathy and pity for the suffering of life, between heaven and earth deformity and unfair perception and sigh, the highest mark of goodness and beauty sincere heartfelt yearning of the human heart, is pure emotional sublimation, only at this moment, the reader can hear your soul toward conscience beating heart……

      wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body, and the essence of human wisdom and knowledge can only exist in the book. The book is similar to the wisdom of the Pu, who is good at carefully crafted, who is likely to be the knowledge of where the wisdom contained glimmers of himself. The process of reading is, in fact, the process of the union of the human mind and the great wisdom of all the ancient and modern nations (Golgi). If there is no such noble intellectual activity in the future, with what to nourish the mind?

      network A new force suddenly rises. is indeed very alarming. Unfortunately, network research experts and psychologists have said, to strengthen memory and improve intelligence, through long term training and strenuous exercise, and the activities of the network are simple and repetitive activities, only the brain visual and motor control areas in order to stimulate the formation, improve IQ, is clearly not realistic.

      don’t forget, high-tech worry and effort, but often easy to lead you stupid: telephone, mobile phone and a simple, far and wide, the sound is greatly in recent years instead of writing letters, but mutual affection between people in a large area of desalination. The long-term face of the computer screen, "unknowingly will produce a"

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